Liquid Mix 16

My favorite convolution compressor -EQ.

Each of these processes models a specific compressor or EQ via the Dynamic Convolution technology, but rather than simply offering 'copies' of the original gear (which would be great anyway), Liquid Mix allows for 'extended' processing.

In other words, if particular functions such as Attack and Release settings weren't available on the original compression unit in question, Liquid Mix's Free mode enables you to tweak these parameters anyway, effectively meaning that a classic pile of processors gets dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century..

Similarly, the EQ algorithms can be applied one band at a time, so if you want the sound of a classic '60s British EQ on the top-end of your mix but want something smoother to round out the lower frequencies, no problem.

You can do exactly this, either by selecting a 'global' EQ across the board or by piecing together a hybrid EQ solution one band at a time

Here's no disputing the quality of Liquid Mix. Its compressor and EQ tools sound great and are comprehensive in terms of sonic variety.